Over the last 10 years, flooring trends have changed quite a bit. Hardwood and vinyl flooring have both become extremely popular and prevalent in many areas. Whether you have a renovated home or an apartment home, it is likely that you will have at least a few areas with hardwood or vinyl flooring. This makes a lot of sense because these materials give a very modern and pleasing look while also being affordable and maintainable.

With all of this talk about hardwood and vinyl flooring, it begs a question: is carpet flooring still popular? Carpet flooring is a classic option that many people are familiar with, especially people that are a little bit older. Carpet flooring is very versatile, and we have covered it a lot in previous posts! You can learn more about different carpet styles, how to care for carpet, and where to put/avoid putting carpet in your home. Here is some more information about carpet and if it is still a popular option.

Is carpet flooring still popular?

Still popular for certain areas of the home

If you are of the opinion that carpet is completely dead, you could not be more wrong. Believe it or not, carpet has always been a popular option for certain areas of the common household. It is true that carpet had a bit of a decline in the early 2000s, but it is safe to say that there has been a resurgence over the last few years. Many people still have carpet in their bedrooms because of the fact that it is extremely comfortable. Carpet may also be found in the living room or family room of the home so that it feels safer for young children and pets. This is because carpet can keep your feet warm and is much more comfortable to walk on rather than vinyl, hardwood, or other flooring types.

New trends popping up

One of the biggest reasons that people ask if carpet flooring is still popular is because they think it is a stale and played-out flooring type. This is because carpeting has been around for a long time and they view it as boring and too similar. Many people have not followed the carpeting industry or paid attention to the new developments and trends that are popping up all the time. Luckily for those doubters, there are plenty of new developments in carpet flooring to talk about!

Some of the new carpet flooring trends that are standing out right now include natural fiber carpet, animal print carpet, plaid carpet, carpet tiles, waterproof carpet, and many more. Be sure to research these awesome trends as you are looking for some new carpet flooring for your home. You never know how much you will like them until you try them!

Comfortable and safe

One of the biggest reasons that carpet flooring is still popular is because it is extremely comfortable and safe for people of all stages of life. Whether you have children and pets or older people living with you, carpet is often a go-to option for many households. There is nothing like entering your family room or bedroom with no shoes and enjoying warmth under your feet rather than the cold of vinyl and hardwood. If someone happens to fall on your carpet, they are less likely to get hurt than if they fell on a harder flooring material. Even if you do not decide to choose carpet for your next flooring adventure, it is worth the consideration at the very least.

Classic and vintage feel

Although times are changing and everything is becoming more modern, sometimes a classic and vintage feel can be nice. If you are looking to bring a vintage feel to your home, there is no better way to do so than by installing some carpet! Fortunately, many manufacturers carry vintage styles for those that are inclined to past styles for their home. If you do not like modern carpet and would prefer something more classic, keep an eye on our carpet section! We are constantly adding new styles and offerings for you to check out.