Popular carpet flooring trends

Popular carpet flooring trends

Carpeting is a fantastic addition to various rooms, especially where softness and added comfort are required. You’ll find this product brings a wealth of benefits that could serve your requirements list perfectly.

The more you know about your available materials, the better decision you can make for your remodel. Consider these trends to see if one might fit your needs today.

Neutral carpet colors are changing

Neutral colors are perfect for spaces where décor is often played up and exciting. But the days of brown or cream-colored options only are over.

Now you can enjoy neutral floor covering options in blue, gray, and various other muted options to meet a wider variety of needs. Take time to browse neutrals that could add the perfect backdrop for your décor.

Bold color and design trends

Some homeowners prefer carpet visuals with a bit more life, and that's where these bold trends come into play. Jewel tones and bright colors are homeowner favorites, as are bold designs and animal prints.

While these looks may not work for everyone, for some, they are perfect. So it's worth your time to find out if there's a bold carpeting look you could pair with your décor.

Multi-color options are another favorite that you can use to incorporate all the colors used in your décor scheme. Some homeowners choose a wall-to-wall version, and others prefer to create area rugs.

Find your flooring today

When you visit Flooring Liquidator, you'll find impressive materials that cater to any décor scheme you have in place. Ask our associates to point you toward products that work best for your list of requirements.

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