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Quality hardwood products and services in Orem, UT

Flooring Liquidator is home to high-quality hardwood products and services in Utah. Our family-owned company will help you find the perfect hardwood flooring solution for your home in Orem, Utah. We also specialize in the installation of pre-finished wood flooring, as well as lacing our products into existing hardwood floors to repair damaged areas.

Since our establishment nearly 20 years ago, we have become a trusted name among our clients due to our professional execution, competitive prices, scheduling flexibility, and attentiveness to our clients’ needs.

Make a statement with hardwood

Warm and inviting, hardwood gives your home a rich charm. Because of its extensive range of natural variations — from color variation to boards with extreme character and graining — this lustrous wood makes a unique and beautiful floor. It’s your kind of floor: warm, stylish, and original.

Hardwood comes in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. If you need help finding the perfect match for your home, our sales staff can show you samples.

Flooring Liquidator boasts of one of the largest stock selections in the area. We carry a vast selection of hardwood products from trusted brands such as Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, Hallmark Hardwood, Shaw Hardwood, and Mohawk Hardwood Flooring.

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Which hardwood suits you the best?

Beautiful and long-lasting, our hardwood floors in Orem, UT make an elegant choice for nearly any room. When you visit our showroom, our staff can help you choose by considering the following important factors:

  • Construction. There are two basic hardwood choices: engineered or solid. Engineered planks are made with three to five layers of hardwood (with a core of HDF or plywood) and are capable of withstanding changes in humidity. You can install them at all levels of your home. Solid hardwood, on the other hand, are created from a single piece of wood and can be refinished or sanded to prolong its use.
  • Color. The shade range of hardwood floors starts from quite light to intensely dark. If you prefer a more contemporary look for your home, choose lighter floors. Darker floors are elegant additions to homes with a traditional feel.
  • Character. Grain variations, a naturally present element in hardwood, determine a wood’s “personality.” Hardwood with little graining is perfect for homes with a sleek and contemporary look while moderate grain variations fit with traditional design. Finally, the dramatic grain is ideal for spaces with a rustic design.
Hardwood in Utah in American Fork, UT from Flooring Liquidator

Professional installation services available

Your journey with us doesn’t stop once you’ve selected the hardwood material of your new floor. We also provide installation services so that you have one less thing to worry about. We remove old floors, move furniture around, and replace trims at an additional cost. Our on-site measurement is free!

Our expert hand is evident in the results. Have us install your hardwood floors, and you’ll come home to an amazing sight. We attribute our success to our team of licensed and bonded contractors.

Before installation, we recommend checking with us if there are any actions we recommend in preparation for your new floors. Enjoy a problem-free installation with this checklist of things to do before we arrive:
  • Remove all fragile items in the room. You can move it on your own or have us do the heavy lifting.
  • Make sure your hardwood runs parallel to windows. In narrower rooms, it should run to the longest wall.
  • Measure door clearances. If your new hardwood floor is thicker than your existing one, door bottoms may rub. If this is the case, we can saw or shave off the correct amount of the wood to keep it from dragging.
  • Paint first. If you’re planning to re-paint a room or add wallpaper, do so before we install your hardwood floor.

Clients: always a priority

Other companies prioritize customer service. We go above and beyond by focusing on customer relationships too. We believe our success depends on how a client feels about our services and how we can establish a stronger relationship with them. With that said, it’s important to us that we satisfy our clients from the moment they ask about our services to the final steps of their project.

We strive to provide excellent value to our clients by backing up our services with the best warranties. We also extend our quality services to other areas apart from Orem.

Hardwood transforms your home into a better version of itself. Let us do the transformation for you. Get in touch with Flooring Liquidator today to learn more.