Best flooring for pets: how to protect your home

Best flooring for pets: how to protect your home

When most people get to the homeowner stage of life, they are a little bit older. This stage of life likely comes with children and pets as well. While you are looking for a home, you must look for one that will fit your needs as well as your family’s needs. An important aspect of a home that you must look at, aside from location, space, and amenities, is the type of flooring in your home. This is true because pets can cause a mess if they are around the incorrect type of flooring. Here are our tips for the best flooring for pets that you can consider while choosing or remodeling your home!

Best flooring for pets


One of the best types of flooring for pets is without a doubt tile or stone. These flooring types are very good for pets because of their long-lasting qualities. They are also very easy to clean and look phenomenal no matter where you put them in your home. As for durability, it is very hard to scratch tile and stone flooring, even if your pet has long nails and constantly walks on the surface. The only downside to tile and stone flooring is the fact that it is hard on your feet and can be very cold. This goes the same for your pet as it will likely hurt their feet and may be hard for them to lay down on. We recommend soft carpeting pads for dog beds on your tile flooring to keep your pet comfortable and your floor protected.


We have talked a lot about vinyl in our past blog posts and for good reason. This material is one of the best flooring options for pets due to several factors. First off, vinyl can look like other materials but can still be affordable for you. You can get vinyl flooring that looks like wood, stone, or even tile. One of the reasons why vinyl is a top choice for the best flooring for pets is because of how durable it is. As long as your vinyl is installed correctly, it can be waterproof and scratchproof. Pet accidents will not be a huge worry for you because vinyl is very easily maintained And unlike tile and stone flooring, vinyl is softer and warmer underfoot. Both you and your pets will enjoy walking on this exceptional flooring material that protects your home.


Although it is not the most common type of flooring, cork is great for any home in its own way! If you have ever seen a cork floor, you will understand how uniquely beautiful it looks. In addition to its beautiful looks, this flooring type can also benefit your home if you have pets or young children. Cork flooring is antimicrobial, which means that it is not as likely to develop bacteria, mold, or other common ailments that other flooring types are subject to. One word of advice is to keep your pet’s nails trimmed if you install a cork floor because it is more sensitive than other types. Luckily, this flooring type is great for absorbing extra sound such as when your pet is running around. We advise you to keep your cork flooring as dry as possible because it does not do well with excess moisture.


If you absolutely must have natural hardwood floors, just know that they are actually one of the best flooring types for pets. Similar to if you have cork flooring, we recommend keeping your pet’s nails trimmed to a manageable level. Too many scratches can really do some damage to your natural hardwood flooring, as can pet accidents. Be sure to clean these accidents and spills up before they have a chance to potentially seep into your flooring. Overall, hardwood is a viable option for your home that must be taken care of extremely well.

Pet-friendly carpet

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for! Yes, there is a possibility that you can still have carpet in your home even with pets. Even though carpet is not the best flooring for pets, there are certain types that you can have in your home. Look into carpet types that are specifically engineered to resist pet stains and odors as these will really help you out. Choose a color that is a little bit darker, so pet hair does not show quickly and be sure to vacuum often.

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