Need-to-know facts about carpet textures

Texture type plays a significant role in your carpeting and works toward great visuals, outstanding performance, and a reasonable lifespan. Understanding texture can help you choose a product that genuinely works for your home and offers the best benefits based on your needs and requirements. Here are some facts about a few textures that could benefit you, so read along to find out more.

Textures and carpet go hand in hand

One of the most popular textures is a Berber carpet, which has come to mean different things over the years. What once was a beautiful, light-colored floor with dark specks can now be found with many different colors and designs, but with a looped pile and density for which it is known. There is something in this product line for everyone, so if you are looking for the perfect texture, be sure to consider it as an option. Another popular texture, especially for low-traffic areas, is frieze. This long, shaggy fiber has an unkempt appearance that falls over to create a charm all its own. It isa perfect addition to bedrooms and is easier to clean than you might think, so check it out when you visit. Saxony provides exceptional softness, dense, packed fibers that are sheered after weaving to create a flat surface. It makes a high-end appearance perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and more, especially if matching an elegant décor. There is nothing quite like the completed visual appeal these floors can help create, so be sure to visit us when you are ready to find a perfect flooring texture.

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