Flooring types to avoid for Utah homes

Flooring types to avoid for Utah homes

Utah has quite an interesting climate, no matter where you live in the state. There are areas with severe heat, extreme cold, or a mix of both. Fall and spring seasons can also present unique weather challenges. With this rare mix of weather conditions, your flooring can be heavily affected depending on the type you use and the area you live in. One of our previous posts discusses the many great types of flooring for Utah homes, but there is another side to this as well. While all of these are great choices, there are some flooring types that you should not choose for your Utah home. Here are some examples of flooring types to avoid for Utah homes.

Flooring types to avoid for Utah homes

Natural hardwood

Ah, natural hardwood: a beautiful and yet very frustrating flooring option. Natural hardwood is something that you should only choose if you are ready for a huge cost, installation, repair, and cleaning undertaking. Yes, hardwood is very durable, but it must be installed and sealed correctly to prevent damage. Utah homes may struggle with natural hardwood floors due to the increased moisture during many parts of the year. If you are not ready for the commitment, it is best to go with other options including engineered hardwood or vinyl. These options look just like natural hardwood but without the extreme upkeep and potential frustration.

Natural stone

Normally, stone would be a good choice for many homes. However, it is a different story for someone living in Utah most of the time. Stone floors are very popular due to their durability. Stone can last for a home’s entire lifetime and more, while also adding some serious value to the home. It is beautiful and can be a conversational piece in your home, but stone may not be the best option for a Utah home. This is because stone can be very expensive, very cold, and very slippery. Utah often has a very wet climate that will keep your stone floors slippery more often than not. Consider this before you decide on natural stone flooring because there are other options including tile and vinyl that may make your home safer.

Carpet (in certain areas)

You are probably wondering why this flooring option is on both our best flooring types for Utah homes and flooring types to avoid for Utah homes. The thing with carpet is that it has great versatility and comfort, but its durability can be a bit questionable. Carpet should not be a solution for every room in the home, it should be tastefully placed in areas that will benefit from it. Some of the main concerns of carpet in Utah homes is keeping them clean, so you should not put them in areas such as the front door, kitchen, or anywhere that will have frequent spills or moisture exposure.

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