Vinyl flooring that looks like stone

Vinyl flooring that looks like stone 

The look of natural stone in your home is captivating, just imagine it: the sophisticated veining, the mosaic shape, the clefts, and the stunning blend of organic colors. You too can experience the beauty of the likes of quartz, slate, and travertine in a stone-look. There are different ways to get vinyl flooring that looks exactly like a stone. Luxury vinyl tile provides this. It is manufactured with modern digital print tech and advanced methods.

Vinyl is highly preferable because it gives high-end material that looks and feels like marble, slate, or travertine. In addition, the surface is resistant to cracks, so no need to worry even if you drop objects. There are many designs on the market; it is up to you to choose what you really want for your house. The vinyl sheet has the look of stone tile in one sheet. You can cut it in whatever size you so desire. It comes in three levels for excellent scratch resistance, and additional cushioning for a softer feel than natural stone. That’s not all, vinyl flooring has user-friendly and the most affordable option in the market.

Price options in the market

On the market, travertine’s ranges from $6 to $13 per square foot, slate costs from $6 to $20 per foot, terrazzo costs between $12 and $30 per foot, but they can go as high as $80 per square foot. When you compare the price of these versions to that of luxury vinyl tile, then the mathematics make a lot of sense. High-end vinyl costs an average of $6.5 per tile, but where you will save a lot of money is in installation, which normally costs at most $2 per foot, but you can still do the work yourself.

The wow factor

Luxury vinyl tile is the best option in the market, especially when you want to install authentic stone-like look in your home. Luxury vinyl is manufactured through the photogravure technique. The process is similar to the printmaking process. Generally, manufacturers make vinyl tiles that resemble materials such as distressed wood, natural stone, and textiles. Some of these versions don’t require vacuuming.

There are no headaches with vinyl

Designed to resemble natural stone such as marble, slate, and travertine, vinyl flooring does not have the problems that real stone tiles have. It does not need a sealant or expensive barriers. You do not need to install a mortarboard first, and it is gentle on joints and feet than real stone. In addition, vinyl is much warmer in winter and it is also easy to clean. There are just so many reasons to consider vinyl flooring than real stones.

As proved above, vinyl flooring that resembles natural stone is the real deal, and the best option to consider than real stone.