Over the last decade, carpet has become a very polarizing flooring decision. Many people love it for its cheaper pricing and for the fact that it comes with a high-quality look and feel. There are many different colors and designs of carpet that you can choose for various areas of your home. To many, carpet makes a house feel like a home with its comfort aspect. People often get tired of walking on hard materials and want to walk on something soft like carpet.

However, some do not like carpet as an all-over-the-house flooring material. This is because carpet tends to be a very high-maintenance flooring type. Carpet, if placed incorrectly, can wear our fairly quickly and succumb to stains. Another reason why some do not enjoy carpet is taht it can potentially disrupt design plans for certain rooms. Some carpet brands can also be hit-or-miss in quality, so you must do your research before installing it to avoid headaches down the line.

With carpet, there is also the issue of where to put it in your home. In our previous blog post, we detailed the best places in your home for carpet. Obviously, there are plenty of places that you should not look to put carpet in your home. Here is where to avoid putting carpet in your home.

Where to avoid putting carpet

Entrance/exit areas

While carpet can be a good fit for busy areas including bedrooms and hallways, it is not the best idea for entrances and exits to your home. This is because these areas are the first point of entry to your home and will get dirty very fast, especially during rainy times and winter. The carpet in these areas can also get worn out very quickly due to the amount of foot traffic in general. Do not be surprised if you have to replace entry/exit area carpet only a few years after installing it. This is why we recommend tile, hardwood, or vinyl for these areas as they are extremely durable and look good for a long time. These materials are also much easier to clean than carpet: simply take a broom or mop to them and you are done. With carpet in these areas, you may have to purchase a carpet cleaner or have a professional do it for you. These considerations must be addressed before installing carpet in entrance/exit areas.

Laundry room

Carpet in your laundry room should not even be an option. There are many potential ways it can get ruined, but especially if your washing machine leaks at all. Depending on the amount of water that leaks, it can take days to dry out. Carpet can also absorb spills from detergent and other cleaning materials, which can be hazardous if you have pets that lick spills up. Laundry lint and dust can also get stuck in the carpet, potentially affecting allergies if there is a lot. Mold and mildew are common in laundry rooms that have carpet, so it is best to simply avoid this flooring material in your laundry room altogether.


This one may sound like a joke, but bathroom carpet does exist. In fact, it is not uncommon at all for bathrooms to have carpet installed inside them. For someone that is replacing a bathroom floor, carpet is the last material that you should be considering. Like a laundry room and entrances to your home, bathrooms are places that hold a lot of moisture. This moisture can have a disastrous effect on your bathroom and can cause your carpet to be ruined in a few years or less. Most carpet lasts 10 or more years, but in your bathroom, you will be lucky if it lasts for even 10 years.

Did you make up your mind?

At Flooring Liquidator, we understand that flooring can be a complicated and confusing process. There are many rules that you should follow while purchasing, and we can help you with all of them. Carpet is a great flooring material, but it does not shine in certain areas. We carry the finest carpet from respected brands including Shaw, Mohawk, Carmel, Kraus, and many more. Come down and visit us in-store today for more carpet installation and placement advice! We are happy to assist you with all of your flooring needs.